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A Better Toilet, a Better Life

August 12, 2019

Folomina’s face lights up when she talks about her toilet. Two years ago, the state of water and sanitation in Folomina’s village was dire. She and the other 20 families in her community would walk two hours each day for water. The sanitation situation was just as bad. Most latrines didn’t have roofs, so they…

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Water Gives Dreams

August 9, 2019

When water arrived at Binaga School in the remote countryside of Rwanda, it gave students the future. It provided the foundation for them to dream. The school sits in a peaceful valley, surrounded by lush green hills. Students in their crisp yellow uniforms laugh as they meander through freshly painted corridors on their way to…

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There’s something worth celebrating in the water

July 29, 2019

Simon’s exuberant smile gives away his passion for his task at hand: improve the health of his village through better hygiene and sanitation. Simon was born in this village in the rural hillsides of Rwanda and has lived here all 46 years of his life. Growing up, he says they lacked clean things in the…

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