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Our Impact

Since we began operations in 2008, Water For People Rwanda has delivered clean water and dignified sanitation to thousands of people across three districts.

We've Achieved  Incredible Progress in THE THREE Districts.

  • 44 piped water systems including motorized and gravity-fed systems were built, rehabilitated, or extended, serving 243,475 people, 56 schools, and 13 health care facilities
  • 85 schools and 2 health care facilities were supported with rainwater harvesting systems, with rainwater mainly being used for cleaning purposes
  • 59 schools were supported with eco-toilets, and these schools now use their human manure to fertilize school gardens. Some schools sell human manure to neighbors for use on their farms
  • 494 Community Health Clubs were established and trained. Health Clubs assist communities in learning good hygiene practices and encourage the installation of improved sanitation facilities in their respective communities
  • 919 Water Users’ Committees (WUCs) were established and trained to manage water systems and community water points. WUCs oversee the management of water systems and report their complaints to the district and service provider;
  • 4,142 households have constructed their own sanitation facilities, and 1,558 households upgraded their toilets because of community mobilization and hygiene education efforts. 
  • 17 schools have been supported with ECOSAN Latrines since 2009, benefitting 21,290 students and 407 teachers
  • 25 schools have been supported with 88 rainwater harvesting tanks, benefiting 38,887 students and 578 teachers
  • Water supply system has supported more than 123,000 people
  • 87,822 people reached with clean water since 2016
  • DEFAST with a capacity to treat 15m3 of fecal sludge now serves Gicumbi town and its environs
In Rulindo


people reached with water through piped water systems
In Kicukiro


people reached with water supply systems
In Gicumbi


people reached with clean water since 2016